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By Erica Acuña



1. Who is Maria Eolani?

o Hey, somebody! Is there a piano in the hall? It is easier to show than tell, who is this Eolani. Imagine a small planet in this vast universe. Only one creature lives on this planet, but a lot of guests come to him and they drink tea with sweets (this creature loves sweets very much). There’s a very diverse nature, the weather is very changeable. Some of the guests are close to what’s going on, some are not. On this planet there is only one rule: do everything according to your heart. There’s no lie. Communication on this planet is without words. Magic reigns in the air . You feel cozy, friendly, everyone is as at home. Can you imagine it? So get to know the planet called Maria Eolani. This is my world. A world where my music lives.


1. What is your musical background? Your biggest influence? What composers do you admire?

o I like classical music. Since I had the opportunity to learn at the music school, in college and in university, the base of my knowledge was classical composers. Beethoven is a head in this list. I love Beethoven. I think he would love being on my planet Eolani. Among modern composers Hans Zimmer, Clint Mansell, Alexandre Desplat, James Newton Howard inspire me. They are different, and everyone close to me in his own way. James Newton Howard has 5 magical notes in music for me, which I’m in love with and that allows me to get to the planet easily, I mean Eolani planet. I keep in secret this notes so far. Clint Mansell writes magical music vibrating in my chest. Native, free as a conversation with your best friend. Alexandre Desplat … If I will be able to make a movie about my planet I would use his music for the score. And Hans Zimmer is an authority for me that we can always do more, we must to continue learning and to looking for. He is a virtuoso. He is a genius.


3. How would you define your style? Why soundtrack is your passion?

o I’m writing a classic soundtrack. Nothing new. The peculiarity of the soundtrack is that it is always different, the mood changes as in life. That’s why I like soundtracks. If you were asked to play your life by piano, you would have played it like soundtrack. You would find a beautiful lyrical theme which would be interrupted by sudden deep drums. Then you would include strings, wind, coming to a climax, and then unexpectedly stop…and only a piano reminds gently about life that still is going on.


4. 3 essentials Soundtracks on your playlist?

o Inception. King’s Speech. Blood Diamond.


5. How to choose a project? What are you interested in? Is there any genre you prefer, comedy, suspense etc?

o I like to communicate with film directors who know what kind of music they want for their film. First of all, I’m interested in professional qualities, I consider myself a professional and I prefer to work with the same people. I have a favorite

style, and likely I’ll take the project if there is a mystery, mysticism, love, madness, psychology, unexplored, terrible emotions. With comedy, I also worked, but I feel happiness in the process of writing something psychological, on the brink of terror and silence. To write music – it’s like a dialogue with your best friend, as a confession. And if there is such a project where I can speak out on a close subject to me, I take him. I do not write music without any desire and inspiration, it just will not work. And, of course, I’m interested in films that speak to my heart.


6. How easy is for a woman to break into the world of soundtracks?

o The world of soundtracks is open to everyone. I think men and women are in the same conditions in composing music. There is no separation of men and women in music. It all depends on the particular person, his theoretical knowledge, life experience, self-confidence, faith, belief of his family and friends to him. I believe all are equal initially. And who is where with time, it is a merit of the particular composer, never mind if he is a man or a woman.


7. How is the film industry in your country?

o My first projects I did in Russia, and I worked with a full meter, and short, but in short period of time it quickly became not enough for me, I missed the freedom and courage in the works. There are difficulties in Russia with film industry, I sincerely wish speedy global change for the better, but for now I’m spreading my wings, having the opportunity to work with film directors all over the world, receiving the freedom and liberty of thought I need.


8. Which film director would you like to compose for?

o I really enjoyed working with film directors with whom we have already made several films to this date. I’ll be happy to work with them again. As for a well-known film directors around the world Christopher Nolan and Darren Aronofsky are close to me. I always watch for new products from them, and for composers who work with them. I must say that I have no jealousy, envy, or any unpleasant emotions in relation to the well-known composers, I love the music of my favorite composers very much. I’m very grateful to them for the opportunity to dissolve in their work. Sometimes I feel the same happiness, listening to their music, as what happiness I feel while writing my music. And I’m always happy when they receive deserved awards. They are big workaholics, I have a lot to learn.


9.How do you see yourself in the near future? What are your aspirations for the next two years?

o I see myself healthy and happy. Sometimes it works, when you dream and imagine everything that you want in details. But in my case, I prefer to relax and live every day with pleasure, never mind if you feel rejoice or grieve at the moment, I don’t think about tomorrow. I love to dream, but when my work is done. After 2 years I think to increase the list of my projects and the list of countries I wish to visit while working not resting. I’m not in hurry to live.

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